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Love your flowers? Great! Now here’s how to care for those beauties.

  1. Trim the stems and put them into a vase with cool water as quick as possible. If they arrive in a vase, check the water level incase a little water was lost during delivery.
  2. Cut off any leaves you don’t want, and make sure you keep leaves out of the water- leaves left in water decompose (Yuck) and shorten your flowers lifespan (Lame).
  3. Change water and trim the stems every couple of days. Many flowers get thirsty!
  4. Mist those babies- oh yes, misting keeps your flowers oh so happy! Also, remove any that have sadly perished, this keeps your bouquet looking fresher longer.
  5. Keep your flowers cool; avoid placing them near ovens, fireplaces, radiators or in direct sunlight.


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