Why we love ugly

Oct 24, 2016

Why we love ugly

Fall harvest is here, and nature is showing off. And we're not just talking beautiful fall flowers! From pumpkins clogging every King Sooper’s front entrance to the yellow aspen leaves now carpeting the streets, natural beauty is all around us. When it comes down to it, working with flowers reminds us daily just how unpredictable and irregular the natural world is. Sometimes that translates to substituting out flowers for an arrangement, other times it’s a chance to seek out the weirdest plants we can find to create something memorable, because let’s face it, we all secretly crave just a little ugly among all that beauty, right?

We're not the first to appreciate a good dose of visual imperfection. The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi celebrates flaws in the natural world, and really, shouldn't we all? Our grade school science teachers warned us about the planet's pull towards entropy and disorder blah blah blah, and the sooner we embrace it, the calmer we'll be about a wilting bouquet and a jack-o-lantern's rotting face. According to wabi-sabi, roughly translated to refer to the loneliness of nature and the reality of an imperfect world, ugly is cool and square is, regrettably, no longer hip. Sorry Huey.

 Flower Bombers Ugly Pumpkins

At Flower Bombers we get excited to draw from the seasons, working an aesthetic into our arrangements that brings up memories and sometimes helps form new ones. Nature's imperfections surprise and inspire us, and we like it when our flowers do to. After all, there’s a reason every grocery store in town seems to be competing for the ugliest pumpkin display, and we think that’s just great.